YS Falls, St. Elizabeth

YS Falls is located in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica.

It is one of Jamaica's natural waterfalls surrounded by lush greenery.

Upon entering the site at the ticketing office where you can buy tickets, snacks and food at the grill before boarding the jitney or a tractor to reach the falls.

YS Falls, St. Elizabeth

Things to do at YS Falls

Enjoy the ride and feel the cool breeze as you make your way through the lush garden.

Upon reaching the falls, the compound has seven (7) falls and many natural springs.  Some of the falls cascade into pools which allow for swimming.  There are also pools which are suitable for children and persons who may not be able to swim.  Choose from the river pool or the garden pool for a tranquil relaxed time in the cabanas.

At the falls, you will find changing rooms and environmentally friendly bathrooms (compost) which helps to protect the natural springs below.  Other restrooms are located by the ticketing office.  There are tables available for snacks, lunches and or picnics.

Lifeguards are on site to assist i n the proper use of the site for safety.  In the Rainy season like September to November, guest may not be allowed to swim as the rivers may come down posing a risk.

A view of YS Falls from the top.

Come also experience the canopy rides, gliding from the majestic trees  about 40 feet above the falls  and then down to the base with knowledgeable guides. Smell the fresh air, feel the cool breeze, relax, unwind and have fun....

Not a thrill seeker? Walk along the wooded pathway and enjoy the views. This is an experience not to be missed.

You can also purchase souvenirs from the gift shop or memorabilia for yourself, family and friends.

We guarantee a fun-filled time at YS Falls as we have experienced the beauty, the warmth, the coolness, the funtastic tours and great food.

What are you waiting for?  Book your trip and tour now! Come have fun with us....

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