Somerset Falls

Somerset Falls is located in Hope Bay, Portland.

This falls is not as grande as Dunn's River Falls but it is very beautiful and tranquil.  To reach the falls, you will be guided on  boat trip up the Daniels river.  The Daniels River cascades down through a lush garden of tropical plants into the pools.

The property have a bar, restaurant, changing space, aviaries and many tropical plants.

A brief History of Somerset Falls

The property was occupied by Spanish settlers over 400 years ago. 

It was an indigo and spice plantation. Many  of the aqueducts and dams built by the Spanish are still visible today.

More about the falls

The guides will inform you about the different plants and their uses while you make your way to the top. The beauty of the land will take your breath away.  Enjoy the waterfall massage, a dive from the rocks, visit the caves or let the beauty of the natural atmosphere with fresh air put your mind and body at ease.

This attraction is definitely a place to visit. Enjoy the exotic birds while you dine and have a cool refreshing drink.  Visit the falls, enjoy the beauty and refresh yourself.

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