Mayfield Falls

Mayfield Falls is located in Glenbrook, Westmoreland.  This Falls is one of Jamaica’s most beautiful and natural waterfalls with cool crystal clear waters. A tranquil venue for total relaxation.  The Falls  boasts 44 mineral pools and 21 natural Jacuzzis, with the most famous being the “Washing Machine”.

Mayfield Falls, Jamaica. Photo credit to www.thingstodoinjamaica.comMayfield Falls, Jamaica

The Mayfield River is a tributary of the Cabarita River.  The property is filled with over 50 varieties of ferns, exotic tropical plants, flower and several types of indigenous wildlife.  Experience some of the best of Mother Nature in this nature lover’s paradise.

The tour of Mayfield Falls

The tour is an hour and a half walk up the river guided by experienced and knowledgeable guides. You can explore the natural caves, try the different waterfalls, the Jacuzzi's, discover and learn about the healing properties of the plants.  You will also get to try the seasonal fruits available.  Get massaged by jets of cool, crystal clear waters which is a must try for all visitors.  There is a cafe located on property where you can enjoy great local dishes. Hear the stories of the mermaids that's said calls the falls their home.

Mayfield Falls photo credit to Trip AdvisorLush greenry at the Falls

Items needed are swimwear, swim shoes (or rent them on location), camera, insect repellant, towel, and money.  You may also take along your sunscreen.  However, this is not needed as the property has lots of shades.

As with most attractions, there are guidelines to be followed to ensure you have a fun filled safe experience.  The attraction is not equipped for the handicapped nor the physically challenged, persons who have serious illness such as respiratory or heart problems.  It is not advised to visit the location if you have a recent arm, hand of any surgery on your foot/feet and your back.

This is one of the best Eco-tourism attractions in Jamaica.  The perfect get-away from the busy city that you will never forget.  Enjoy the crisp, fresh, cool air as you bask in the ambiance of its beauty.

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