Martha Brae River Rafting

Martha Brae River Rafting is located in the town of Falmouth, Trelawny and is one of Jamaica's top attraction.

The rafting Village occupies 6 acres of beautiful land with well manicured lawns.  The property is equipped with a recreational facility of picnic grounds, bar, souvenir shops, swimming pool and restrooms.

Rafting on the Martha BraeRafting on the Martha Brae. Photo credit to:

Rafting on the Martha Brae was established forty (40) years ago and have over eighty (80) licensed experienced raft captains.  The tour of the 3 miles long exhilarating river, will take you along a relaxing scenic view of beautiful trees and buzzing wildlife.  Bask in the sounds and tenderness of nature as you listen to the river and the surroundings.  The thirty-foot long rafts are boarded from a concrete pier under the supervision of experienced and knowledgeable dispatchers and offloaded at the end of the tour at Martha's Rest.  The tour lasts approximately an hour.  For most of the year, the river is around 4 feet deep while in the rainy months (May to June and September to November), the depth can get up to 12 feet.  On this relaxed journey down the Martha Brae River, you can learn about the Legend of the River or take a swim in the cool water.  Life vests are provided as a safety measure just in case but are almost never needed.

Guests can also talk a walk through the Herb Garden called "Miss Martha's Herb Garden" and learn about the different herbs and their medicinal uses.  The settings can be used for a family or romantic get-away.

The Legend of the Martha Brae River 

The village was built by Spanish settlers who wanted to stay close to the river for water and transportation to sea.

The name Martha Brae came from the Taino witch who was tortured by the Spanish settlers who wanted her stash of Gold.  It is that after she revealed the location of the gold, she changed the course of the river killing the Spanish and blocking up the cave where the gold is hidden, not to be found up until this day.

More about Martha Brae River Rafting

The river provides water for many sugar cane and citrus groves.  The location has seen numerous of famous people from all over the world, such as: The Legend Usain Bolt, heavy weight Boxing Champion Lennox Lewis, Queen Elizabeth 11, Chuck Norris, Dionne Warwick, Former NBA star Patrick Ewing, Kenny Rodgers, Johnny Cash and many more.

During the plantation era, the river was used as a means of transporting sugar and other crops by bamboo rafts to the port of Falmouth to load ships bound for Europe.  

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