Lovers Leap

Lovers Leap - 1700 FT (520 M) looking down on Cutlass Bay

Lovers Leap is located in Yardley Chase, St. Elizabeth.

Lovers' Leap is one of the Historic sites in Jamaica with a breathtaking view of the coastline, stretching from Rocky Point (Clarendon) in the east to Treasure Beach (St. Elizabeth) in the west.

The site is a 1700 ft (520 m) cliff down to Cutlass Bay below, exposing the beautiful waters of the Caribbean Sea

The Legend of Lovers Leap

Lovers' Leap is named after 2 slaves in love who jumped to their death in fear of being separated by their wicked master.  

According to folklore, Richard Chardley one of the early owners of the Yardley Chase Plantation was in love with his house keeper. 

The young woman however was in love with someone from a neighboring plantation .  In order to have her to himself Chardley plotted to sell her lover. 

The enslaved couple fled the plantations only to be chased and rounded up at this site.  In a final embrace the lovers jumped from the cliff to their death.  It is believed that this incident gave rise to the name of the area as Yardley a corruption of Chardley and “Chase” is the planter’s pursuit of the couple. 

There are many versions of this story. However, the bottom line remains the same.

The legend provided the inspiration for the novel "Lovers' Leap", written by Jamaican author Horane Smith who grew up nearby. A wooden carved statue of the lovers is also on site in commemoration with the story.

Statue of Slave Lovers

Enjoy a guided three mile walk down the cliff to Cutlass Bay. The waters below are rough and are not for swimming.

There are continuous work being done on the site, to improve the quality of the tour and infrastructure. 

Lovers' leap was designated a protected National Heritage Site in May 2002.

Also located on this historic site is a lighthouse.

This Lighthouse was built by the Engineering Department of the Port Authority in Jamaica. It is the most recent lighthouse built in Jamaica. The Lighthouse stands at approximately 1600 feet above sea level and is powered by three different power sources: a generator, electricity and a set of batteries.

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