Kingston Jamaica Attractions

There are several Kingston Jamaica Attractions for everyone to enjoy.  Find parks, beaches, casinos, churches and any attraction you can imagine.

Kingston is the capital of Jamaica, located on the southeast coast. 

See below some of the most popular Kingston Jamaica Attractions in no particular order:

  • Bob Marley Museum was Bob Marley’s former home and it offers tours showcasing his collections and belongings.
  • National Heroes Park is a park and burial ground where many of the prominent heroes were laid to rest.
  • National Gallery of Jamaica which is a large museum showcasing Caribbean artists.
  • Trench Town Culture Yard Museum is a former tenement yard that was called home by Bob Marley and other reggae artist.
  • National Museum Jamaica is the centre for research and artifact exhibitions on Jamaica’s ethnographic history and contemporary life,
  • National History Museum of Jamaica was established in 1879 and focuses on Jamaica’s plants, animals and geology.
  • Liberty Hall: The Legacy of Marcus Garvey is filled with videos, photos and exhibits on this Black Nationalist leader.
  • Lime Cay is the main islet of the Port Royal Cays off Port Royal, Jamaica.
  • Fort Charles is a small museum which showcases the remains of the fort that was originally built in the 1650s.
  • Hope Botanical Gardens is a 200 acre park which is home to exotic and native plants and a zoo.
  • Fort Clarence Beach is popular for family fun days, relaxation and picnics.
  • Hope Zoo is home to 900 animals across 60 species, including indigenous, endangered, and endemic animals from Jamaica, Africa, and the Americas. One of the main attractions is Lucas the Lion, which was a well anticipated addition to the animal population of the zoo.
  • Sunken Pirate City located in Port Royal was known as the wickedest city in the world. Come see the ruins hidden beneath the waters of the biggest pirate city of all time.
  • Hollywell Recreational Park is a 300 acre park with the finest eco-tourist experiences. Enjoy the cool spectacular views of Kingston and explore the park.
  • Acropolis Gaming and Entertainment Centre is one of the finest casinos found in Kingston.  It is a great place to unwind, have fun and meet new people.
  • Plumb Point Light House was built in the 19th century located on the Palisadoes peninsular that connects Port Royal to the mainland.  The light helps to guide ships into the Kingston Harbour.
  • Half-Way Tree Clock Tower was built in 1913 to honor King Edward V11.  This 33 foot tall Victorian style Clock is located at the junction of Constant Spring Road, Hagley Park Road, Half Way Tree Road and Hope Road.
  • The St Andrew Parish Church built in 1700 and restored three times since, rests at the intersection of Eastwood Park Road and Hagley Park Road. The church is designed in the neo-Gothic architectural style popular at the time, and contains many interesting artifacts, including the oldest church registers on the island, which date back to 1666 and contain an exhaustive account of the many births, marriages and deaths of members of the privileged classes since the English arrived in Jamaica.
  • 1907 Earthquake Monument is a symbol of the great earthquake that shook Kingston in 1907, killing over 1000 persons making it one of the deadliest in history.  The monument was erected in 1909 in memory of the victims.
  • Falling Edge Water Falls nestled in the hills with majestic waterfalls.
  • Kingston Waterfront is a tranquil waterfront promenade with seating, shade trees and beautiful sea views.
  • Peter Tosh Museum showcases some of the clothes, instruments and artifacts from the Reggae icon.
  • Devon House was constructed in the 19th Century for Jamaica’s first black millionaire.  It represents the cultural diversity of the island and is a popular place for ice cream.

Other Kingston Jamaica Attractions

  • Bob Marley Statue
  • Mandela Park
  • Gunboat Beach
  • Wickie Wackie Beach
  • Emancipation Park

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