Floyds Pelican Bar Jamaica

Floyds Pelican Bar Jamaica is the coolest offshore bar in the world!  Located in Parotte Bay, St. Elizabeth, a mile off the coast.  The bar was built out of driftwood silted on a huge sandbar.

Enjoy a cool beer, delicious seafood best ordered ahead of time or play a game of Dominoes.  Be sure to wear your swimwear for a dip in the cool crystal water or relax in the golden sun.  The ride to the bar takes about 20 minutes to and from the docks at Jakes.

Going to Floyd's Pelican Bar JamaicaFloyd's Pelican Bar - Photo Credit to Nicole Williams-Barrett

History of Floyd's Pelican Bar

Floyd Forbes is a local fisherman from St. Elizabeth who dreamt of having a bar out at sea.  Of course, everyone thought he was crazy and that his dream would not work.  Now, Floyd has the bragging rights for his world famous bar which also is "the coolest and best beach bar in the world". 

In 2001, Floyd opened the bar for his fellow fisher friends who would pass by.  The bar became popular amongst them and the word was out about the vibes and the service of Floyd's Pelican Bar.  The bar is made out of driftwood, coconut tree trunks driven down into the sand and palm fronds.  The bar got its name from the flocks of Pelicans that rests on the sandbanks.

Chilling at Floyd's Pelican BarGuests at Floyd's Pelican Bar - Photo Credit to Nicole Williams-Barrett

More about the bar...

The tour takes about 3 hours and the most of the visitors love to see the sunset from the location.  Amidst the good vibes, you will see stingrays and dolphins swimming from afar.

The decor is like none other. It is decorated with relics from all over the world by satisfied guests who left their marks. Why not take a trip and bring a memorabilia of your own.
There is no formal dining area or restroom so the water is at your disposal. LOL! The bar is not suitable for kids.

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