Fascinating Factory Tours in Jamaica

Written By Miss Shakay Holtham

There are several fascinating factory tours in Jamaica to suite a variety of interest. Not only is Jamaica the land of wood and water, surrounded by white sandy beaches with exquisite fauna and flora, this is a country where creativity knows no bounds.  So let us focus on the creativity of the people that surely have you in awe, places where the creativity comes to life, the factories. The factories listed below allow tours to be conducted within safe places of their premises. Tourist and locals are able to see the experts at work and how raw materials become some of the most favorable products that we crave and used worldwide. People also get to see how complicated or simple each process is and hopefully gain inspiration and acknowledge the hard work of the employees within each establishment. So let us begin in presenting them in no particular order:

Appleton Estate Factory Tour

Appleton Estate Jamaica’s most established and exquisite rum that has gained the number one spot for the world’s finest rum. Appleton Estate rum is made in the cockpit country of Nassau, Saint Elizabeth Jamaica. The Appleton Estate rum factory has a location which has one of most unique weather, soil and geographic location which is a main contributor of the quality of the rum that is being produced. At Appleton Estate the production of rum is like an art, each step in creating rum are carefully managed. Appleton estate is also known as the oldest sugar cane estate and distillery in Jamaica and has provided Jamaica with nothing less than a unique spirit for more than 265 years.

Appleton estate gives visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in an outstanding tour. A complimentary drink is given upon entrance; a state of arm cinema is available to give an overview of the world of rum; a guided tour to establish the cane to cup rum process; a guided tasting led by the experts. The opening hours of this estate are Monday to Friday at 9 am to 4 p.m. Each tour leaves every hour. For additional information visit the official website in the sources link below.

Address: Appleton Siloah, St Elizabeth Jamaica

High Mountain Coffee Factory

This coffee factory is located about 5 miles equivalent to 8 km east of Mandeville. The coffee beans grow on nearby plantains surrounding the factory and are brought to the factory for processing. Tours are available so that tourist and local visitors are able to see the thorough processing of coffee beans into coffee that most Jamaicans enjoy so much. A gift shop is also available to pick up souvenirs as a token to remember your tour. For additional information please click the link in the reference section.

Address: East, Mandeville

Mavis Bank Coffee Factory

The Mavis Bank Coffee factory is also known as “The Home of Jablum”, the name of the factory is derived from the name of the rural town which is it located in, called Mavis on the Blue Mountains.  Jablum is also known as Jamaica’s Blue Mountain coffee and is favoured by many tourist and locals alike. It is an interesting tour to take part in due to the legendary and rich history of the Jamaica Blue Mountains.  The origin of this coffee dates back to the 18th century and is now the best selling coffee in Jamaica and the rest of the world. Though the factory has grown in size it has been said that each berry is treated with the same care as the beginning to maintain the standard

Address: Saint Andrew, Jamaica

Pick-a-peppa Sauce Factory

This authentic Jamaican sauce factory is located within the community of Shooter’s Hill, Mandeville and is the producer of the famous pickapeppa sauce. This sauce is a unique blend of spices and seasoning with a capturing taste of Jamaica. During the tour the tourist and local visitors are introduced to the thorough process that the employees go through with making this amazing, great tasting sauce. However, tours are done by appointments which would give the team ample notice for set up.

Address: Shooters Hill Kendal, Manchester Jamaica

More fascinating Factory tours in Jamaica

Magic Toy Factory

If you love art, hand crafted items and toys, then the Magic toy factory which is located in Mandeville Jamaica would be a good stop for you. Tours are available which will aid in visitors experiencing the joy and appreciating the creativity that happens there.  Let your inner child out to play on this fascinating factory tours in Jamaica.

Address: Mandeville, Jamaica

Twickenham Industries Bammy Factory

Bammy is one of the most famous food items that Jamaica is known for. Bammy is made from Cassava Roots and go through several processes so that we may enjoy this delicacy. Bammy is organic and consist of many health benefit as well. Tours are available at the Bammy factory located in Twickenham park, Spanish town; Jamaica.

Address: Central Village Twickenham  Park Spanish Town, St Catherine Jamaica

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