Dunns River Falls 

Dunns River Falls is one of the most beautiful spot on the island of Jamaica.  Located in the cool and beautiful town of Ocho Rios, St Anns.  Dunn's River falls is a national treasure both locally an internationally.  The site was upgraded to include a Park, see details about the Park below.

The falls extends across more than 183 metres or 600 feet.  It is one of the few rivers in the world that flows directly into the Caribbean Sea.  Dunns River Falls is natural, its structure and natural pools of water were made by the actual flow of the water's current.

The activities include climbing up the falls in human chains with trained guides, swimming in one of the pools along the way, swimming in the beach, basking in the sun or enjoying the beauty.  Enjoy the scenic view of the falls and its distant horizon.

Dunn's River Falls

History of the Dunns River Falls and Park

The Spaniards called the area "Las Chorreras" which means "the waterfalls or the springs".

Dunn's River is said to the location of the legendary battle between the English and the Spaniards from Cuba.  The battle was said to be for ownership of the island.  The English won the battle under the leadership of Charles Pryce.

Dunn's River Falls was featured in the James Bond Movie "Dr. No".  The author of the James Bond Movies, Ian Fleming fell in love with the island on one of his visit here and  bought a piece of property to build a home.  The movie includes scenes of Ursula Andress walking out on Jamaica's world famous Dunn's River beach.

Dunn's River Falls & Park is now an important place for locals and tourists alike.

The Park

Dunn's River Park

The Central Garden was officially opened in March 2017.  It boasts landscape sites with themed gardens,recreational gazebos, picnic areas, an interaction water feature for kids to play.  There is also booth for renting shoes, videos and photo sales.

The Park is open to the public daily from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm and from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm on Cruise ship days.

Enjoying the water from the falls

Dunn's River Falls is unlike anywhere you will experience. Come bond with nature, bask in the sun, soak up its beauty and swim in the beautiful Caribbean Sea.

Dunn's River is the perfect place for the entire family to have fun and relax.

Also available are local dishes, craft items and gift shop

This is an experience not to be missed.

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