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The Blue Mountain Tour Jamaica is a world renowned majestic mountain hiking or biking tour of the highest peak in Jamaica.  Blue Mountain is the 5th highest point in the Caribbean. It’s a breath taking, trilling and scenic tour. Nature at its best, boasting some endemic flowering plants and even some endangered wildlife.

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About Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains are the longest mountain range found in the eastern part of Jamaica with the highest point at 7402 feet. The mountain spans 4 parishes: Portland, St. Thomas, St. Mary and St. Andrew. The blue Mountain is home to over 500 species of flowering plants, the world’s second largest butterfly and the largest in the Americas, the Homerus swallowtail.  The mountains boasts several coffee plantation and is home for the world famous Blue Mountain Coffee.  The coffee is farmed between 2000 to 5000 feet above sea level in very rich soil. The climatic conditions, the altitude along with the forestry makes the perfect condition to grow the best coffee in the world.

More about Blue Mountain Tour Jamaica

There are several trails for varying skill levels. The roads are narrow and winding. Some areas are flat while there are stony slopes.  To get to the Mountain for the tour, you need to use a four wheeled vehicle for the rugged terrain.

The Blue Mountain Tour Jamaica starts in Mt. Charles area of Mavis bank through the Yallas River in St. Thomas and the Green River to get to Jacob ’s ladder which is a famous steep area of the mountain. Most persons prefer to hike up the mountain in the early morning to catch the beauty of the sunrise in the tranquil scenic view of the mountains or in the afternoon to witness the golden red sunset. You have an option to take on this 14 mile hike in the day.  The choice is yours as whatever time you choose you will have an amazing time.

The trail up may take up to 5 hours to reach the peak and about 4 hours to get back down.  This will depend on your physical condition and your skill level. Biking tours are also available for those who prefer that mode.

There are several choices of accommodations from Whitfield Hall or Wildflower Lodge, the Camp at Portland Gap or the Blue Mountain Inn for your stay.  It is recommended that you wear warm comfortable clothing as the climate is generally cold especially in the nights and early morning.  You can take along with you drinking water and snacks if you wish. 


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