Black River Safari Tour

The Black River Safari Tour is located in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica.

Dicover the beauty of Jamaica's largest wetland area and second largest navigable river with a guided boat tour lasting about 1 1/2 hours.

See the rare and endangered American Crocodile and over 100 species of birds in this unspoiled natural wetlands.  Learn about the river's history and wildlife.  On this tour, the captain will also hand feed the crocodiles.  These crocodiles even wonder out to the harbour and along the coast.

If you are a nature lover, this is a must do. This will be a fun filled trilling tour.

The Black River Safari is significant to the overall balance of the country's eco-system.

Crocodile sun bathing

My trip to the Black River Safari tour

I went on this safari tour while I was 8 months pregnant.  It was a staff trip, which they didn't want to risk me going.  I had to threaten the team that the trip would be cancelled without me.  It was fun, the weather was nice and cool.  I was a bit nervous about going up close to the crocodiles but the guides were great and made it easy for us to see and take pictures.  We were amazed at the how they fed them so close with Chickens. 

Up the river you would also see the Mangrove trees with their roots cascading down in the waters.  You might even get a chance to climb the trees.  The river also meets with the YS River which is from the YS Falls further up the road.

A Crocodile waiting to be fed.

Local fishermen catches fish and crabs in their nets in wooden canoes along the Black River.

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