Bike Tours in Jamaica

There are many different bike tours in Jamaica for singles, couples or the whole family.

 Experience the beauty of the country and capture your memories as you ride through the lush greenery, the hills, valleys and plains all in sweet fresh air.

Choose from different bicycles or motorcycles.

Places that offers Bike Tours in Jamaica

The Blue Mountain Bicycle Tours are a fascinating way to become one with nature as you explore the mountainsides and downhills.  There are several bike tours to the Blue Mountains from several locations, such as Ocho Rios, Montego Bay, Kingston and Trelawny.  These are guided all inclusive tours with an average size of 30 persns.  The Tour includes brunch, lunch and world famous Blue Mountain Coffee.  As with any attractions there are safety rules to be followed to ensure you have an excellent incident free and fun time.

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Jamaica Reggae Ride offers 3 days escorted bike tours on the scenic northcoast.  There are 2 tours offered of about 28 miles and 60 miles.  See Jamaica in its truest form, from white sand beaches, coconut plantations, fishing villages or just the beautifully paved roads.

Jamaica by Bike is located in Negril, Jamaica and was founded by three (3) pioneering road cyclists.  The ride starts in Kingston going west through Clarendon, Mandeville, Santa Cruz and then to Negril.  This tour is for the well experienced bikers.  The route / tour was initially to test the amateur founding  cyclist after a full years training.  This tour has evolved into a grand social event attracting both recreational and professional cyclist both locally and overseas.

Join Rust’s Xcellent Adventures in Negril for a variety of guided bicycle tours.  Biking instructors and equipments are also available to make your tour safe, exciting and memorable.

For persons who love the country charm, take a stop at Manfred’s Jamaican Bike Tours located in St. Elizabeth.  This is a different bike riding tour which is a week  enjoying the local culture, cuisine on a 500 acre of farming estate called Apple Valley.

Bike tours in Jamaica are an excellent way to explore and bask in the natural charm of Jamaica’s rich and diverse culture.  There several benefits with bike tours such as less parking hassle and minimal impact on the environment.  It promotes a healthy lifestyle, fitness, teamwork and family bonding all while having fun.

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