Beaches in Jamaica

There are many wonderful white sandy, crystal clear water beaches in Jamaica. 

In fact, Jamaica boasts some of the best beaches in the world that many people dream to visit.

Make memories to last a lifetime on our sparkling shores while basking in the golden sun.  Priceless beauty…..

There are paid entry or free beaches, the choices are numerous and each has its own unique vibes to have a good time.

On Negril's seven mile of white sandy beach.

Top Beaches in Jamaica

Doctors Cave beach, located in Montego Bay is world famous for its clean white-sand and the mineral content in the water.  You can find a variety of tasty meals and drink at the food court and beach bar.

Aquasol Beach & Theme Park – This was formerly Walter Fletcher beach. Enjoy the many amenities available such as slides, water sports, tennis court, skating rink, go carts, beauty salon, food court & bar, an indoor entertainment centre where you can play games, dance and listen to music.  Never forget you can go for a swim in the inviting water.

The Cornwall Beach located next to Doctors Cave beach is also fun and is home to many entertaining events.

Negril’s seven mile beach is world famous with lots of hotel, sporting activities, bars and clubs.  You name it, it’s located on this glorious seven mile stretch. 

A beach in Negril

Bluefields Beach, located in Westmoreland.  This beach is famous for its Jamaican vibes, food and mostly the people who make the beach visit rather interesting.  Jamaicans frequent this beach mostly on public holidays and weekends. 

Treasure Beach located in St. Elizabeth is a six mile stretch of black and coral coloured sands.  Choose from one of the main bays available such as Calabash Bay, Billy’s Bay, Fort Charles Bay (also known as Starve Gut), Great Bay and Frenchman’s Bay.

Turtle Beach in Ocho Rios is cool and calming with several water sports for enjoyment.

Mallards Beach also in Ocho Rios cool and inviting very popular among cruise ship passengers and guests of the surrounding hotels.

Grande Beach is a secluded in St. Anns.  Looking for a sparkling hide-away? Do go See Grande Beach, also boasting areas for diving.

Dunn’s River Beach, located at the world famous Dunn’s River Falls & Park in St. Anns.  Enjoy the cool fresh waters from the river down the falls or enjoy the sparkling sea water below.

Cardiff Hall beach located in the secluded countryside of St. Anns.

Winnifred Beach - a dive in the clear cool water.  Go snorkeling and enjoy the beautiful reef just offshore.  Horseback riding is also available on weekends and get boat trips to Monkey Island.

Waves Beach, located in St. Catherine is host to many major entertainment events throughout the year. This is one of the most beautiful beaches on the south coast. There are many local and international dishes to enjoy at the restaurant while you sip on a drink from the bar.

Fort Clarence Beach was initially named after the Englishman David Small who built the fort.  It was later renamed Fort Clarence maybe in honour of William Duke of Clarence, King of England (1830 - 1837). This site played an important role in the defense of the island during the 18th Century.

Hellshire Beach located in Portmore is popular for its entertaining activities, food and culture.

Fairy Hill Beach is an informal beach which is great for relaxing.  Enjoy the wide variety of food and ambiance of the climate.

Blue Lagoon beach is named after is sparkling blue water.  It’s reflection of the sky is twice as much as any other and makes it magically inviting.

James Bond Beach is located near Port Maria.  The writer of the Bond movies, Ian Fleming spent much of his time writing here.

San San Beach is excellent for snorkeling and scuba diving.  Come see the protected coral reefs and underwater creatures.

Keep coming back as we keep adding more beaches in Jamaica.

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