Attractions in Jamaica

Looking for fun attractions in Jamaica to visit? No problem... Jamaica is home to many interesting and fun attractions that you can never cover in a single vacation. In fact, you may even want to make a double visit to some of these places.

Choose from our world renowned beautiful white sandy beaches, our rivers, restaurants, heritage sites, falls, go hiking or fishing.  You name it we have it! Topped with the warmth of the people, award winning customer service and our unique culture.

Come on.... Take a road trip, see the beautiful country side, experience Jamaica..... Beautiful Paradise... The Caribbean Hot Spot...

There are several Jamaica Adventure Tours to choose from. They are for the fun at heart and thrill seekers.

Lets not forget our Golf Courses and the list of many sports for the sporting fanatics. Come mingle with the likes of the fastest man in the World The Honorable Usain Bolt, visit the museums and even party with us.  Visit one of our famous reggae/dancehall festival.  Enjoy the cool wavy beats of reggae or the bouncy beats of dancehall.  Watch as the people showcase their dances to the awesome beats.

We will provide for you information on the things you can do while you visit our Island Paradise along with tour packages.

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Cool Rivers & Falls:

Heritage Sites, Attractions in Jamaica:

Mountains, trails and Hiking:

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